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Non-contact infrared baby thermometer support : report a problem

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Report a Problem with your non-contact infrared baby thermometer

We're sorry you're having trouble with your non-contact infrared baby thermometer and really would like to help get it back to full health.
Please see below our list of frequently asked questions to see if any may help you. Failing that please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Good news, your thermometer can be used for both surfaces and body temperature readings. To toggle back into body mode, please press the 'MODE' button.

If the ambient temperature of the thermometer changes, such as moving it from somewhere hot to cold, allow the thermometer to remain in the room for 30 minutes before using.

The ambient temperature around the test person should be stable, measure away from fans, air-conditioning, strong sun and so on.

If the test person has moved from hot room to a cold room or vice versa please allow 5 minutes before measuring.

Please wait at least 1 second before each reading. If 5 continuous measurements are reached, please wait at least 30 seconds before taking another reading.

Lastly, please double check you are in the correct mode: surface or body - depending on what you are measuring. To toggle between surface and body mode, please press the 'MODE' button.

If your thermometer is not working as it should try a factory reset: Long press the 'MODE' button until the LCD displays 'rST'. Your unit should now be restored to factory default settings.

If you are still having trouble please raise a support ticket by clicking the button below, or give us a call on: 02392 262 332.