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Give the gift of sleep this Christmas… why Ewan?

With the big day fast approaching in just over 4 weeks’ time, you might be starting to think about gifts for the little ones in your life. With good sleep or lack of it affecting just about every area of our lives from mental health, weight, concentration and mood, it’s vital we all try and get of much of the zzzzz as we can.

It is said that by time your little one is two, parents would have missed out on a massive 6 months of sleep. This is where we at Sweet Dreamers can assist with the help of ewan the dream sheep.

The science behind the magic…

ewan’s unique recordings offer scientifically proven soothing sounds lulling little ones to sleep. All ewan sounds are composed and not computer-generated helping babies establish a healthy sleep pattern. All the sounds are recorded at the low frequency range that babies predominantly hear in the womb, known as pink noise.

His sounds:-

Womb sounds + Heartbeat
Vacuum cleaner + Heartbeat
Rainfall + Heartbeat
Harp + Heartbeat
Shush + Heartbeat (deluxe model only)

Paediatric research has proven that womb and heartbeat sounds are extremely effective at helping reduce Colic induced pain, as they remind your baby of the natural soothing environment of the womb. This ‘womb experience’ helps trigger a calming reflex, so reducing crying time and inducing quality sleep. ewan’s four different calming pink sounds (five for Deluxe) play for 20 minutes and are all are combined with ‘resting heartbeat’ in the background, to provide extra reassurance. 

How to introduce ewan…


Play ewans sounds to your bump as newborns can hear in the womb from around 18 weeks onwards. The more familiar they are with the sounds, the more likely your little one will settle with them once born.

Newborn to one year

It would be a good idea to start using ewan at feeding time to begin with and try the womb and heartbeat sound initially as young babies usually like this one. Your baby will then gradually associate ewan’s sounds with relaxing and settling.

Ideally use ewan when putting baby down for a sleep to develop an association with bedtime. Remember to hang ewan from his Velcro tail and to keep your babies sleep area clear. Keep the volume on low for now and you could try the pink glowing light and sleep time as this reminds baby of their life in the womb pre-birth.

Routine and association is key with a new baby and ewan, so keep to the routine and your little will hopefully start to enjoy the comforting presence of ewan.

Toddler onwards

When introducing ewan at a later stage you can use the same techniques as before, however, try using one of the white noise sounds or the harp melody. We have great success stories of children up to the age of 7 enjoying ewan’s sleepy sounds.

The difference in our two ewan models…

We offer two models of ewan, both have the same four soothing sounds and pink glow playing for 20 minutes at a time. Both models come in the classic purple or grey colour.

Our deluxe model, however, has some additional features such as a smartCRY sensor which means he has the option to automatically activate when your baby cries. He also has an additional soothing SHUSH sound combined with heartbeat. As his inner control pod can be removed from the ewan plush, our deluxe model plush sheep can also be machine washed.

We hope our guide with ewan tips and hints has helped and if you have any questions, please drop us a note on our ‘contact us’ page and our friendly team will be only too happy to help you,

Baa for now x