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How is ewan made?

Ever wondered how ewan the dream sheep is made? We travelled 6000 miles to show you…

What a trip!!

Back in the office after a super busy few days in Shenzhen and Hong Kong. It really was such a fantastic experience, one that will live long in our memories.

From the moment we landed, to the moment we jetted back to the UK, the hospitality shown by our friends in the Far East was overwhelming – we certainly got the VIP treatment!

Thank you so much to our manufacturer ACI for demonstrating each stage of ewan’s production, it was a highly skilled operation, which we were all extremely impressed with. The staff were incredibly conscientious and were keen to let us know just how much care and attention they put into each and every ewan…. from start to finish…. our little sheep really are made with love!

We hope you like the behind the scenes look at the factory over on IGTV, it certainly captures the essence of our trip to Asia.

Being a working Mum is sometimes difficult, particularly when you have to work away, so that’s why we kept this visit to just a couple of days and as always, I’m glad to be back with my crazy gang!

Until next time… Xièxiè China 🙂