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What is nesting? Is it a real thing?

What is nesting? Is it a real thing? When will I feel the urge to nest? Don’t fret we are going to give you all the details on the nesting ritual and to remind you that you’re not crazy, it’s completely natural to want to hoover at 3am but maybe wait until it’s light outside.

This may be the first time you’ve heard of nesting, especially if this is baby no.1. And it may well be that you have spent months washing and drying tiny human clothes before your little one arrives, if for nothing else, they just look so darn cute on the line. Nesting however is something that tends to happen towards the end of a pregnancy, when there are a lot of hormones surging through your body, although it can happen throughout a pregnancy. These surges cause an instinctive and primal rush to either sort, clean/re-clean, tidy or even clear out the environment you are going to be bringing your little one into once born.

These intuitive feelings are all part of the natural process of having a baby however you may be thinking, this hasn’t happened to me yet and it is quite possible not to have these feelings as not everyone will and that is just a normal too.

Nesting behavior is noticed in animals such as birds and squirrels. It can also be associated with mild anxiety and with the prospect of a life changing baby it’s no surprise!

When it comes to cleaning or reorganizing we say give in to the urge within reason, as these energy boosts very quickly appear and will very quickly disappear. Because let’s face it by the end of 40 weeks when you’re carrying the equivalent of a giant Watermelon, this increased momentum will be short lived and you can get back to enjoying your pregnancy right to be waited on hand and foot.