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Keeping safe on bonfire night

Halloween is over (boo) however fast approaching is guy fawkes night (yay). A fun filled autumn evening full of yummy food and drink, spectacular firework displays, bright sparklers and roaring bonfires, it’s certainly one for the calendar. If you are hosting or attending a bonfire night then we have put together some safety tips for the whole family to ensure your evening goes off with a (safe) bang.

Keep well back from open bonfires and keep children close to you.

Don’t build a bonfire too high or too close to houses, hedges or fences.

Never light a bonfire with any flammable liquid.

Do not give sparklers to children under 5 years old.

Always hold sparklers at arm’s length and wear gloves. Never run with sparklers.

Keep and bucket of water nearby to place your sparkler in, sparklers can still burn once the spark goes out so teach little ones to put them straight in the water.

Only buy fireworks with the BS7114 kitemark. Store them in a cool dry box and always follow the instructions provided.

Never go near a firework that has been lit, it could still explode.

Get some ear defenders for your little one.

Make sure your little one has a hat and some gloves to keep warm.

Have a lovely bonfire night!